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Our Mission

1Team1Fight USA, a dedicated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in the USA, collaborates closely with our counterpart, 1Team1Fight Ukraine, to provide on-the-ground support in Ukraine.


Our primary focus is on equipping Ukrainian defenders with essential protective gear and ensuring civilians receive the humanitarian aid they desperately need.


Recognizing the urgency of each passing day, we concentrate our efforts on the rapid procurement and delivery of supplies. By partnering with international and local organizations, we embrace the power of unity, firmly believing that our collective strength amplifies our impact.


Our mission extends to ensuring that units within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stationed along the entire frontline, receive the necessary equipment. We deliver to the frontline as many of the units are stationed in positions where leaving is not an option. Our ground team go where we are needed!

See our current Fundraisers here:
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