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1Team1Fight Fundraisers


WAYFORPAY is a modern tool for fast and secure card payments online with PCI DSS certified according to the strictest international safety regulations. 

You can easily set up both one-time and recurring donations.

About Donorbox

DONORBOX is a secure online fundraising platform. The platform is renowned for its transparent fee structure, and the strong focus on the security of transactions. You can easily set up both one-time and recurring donations.

You can donate to our Donorboxes, PayPal, WAYFORPAY and Direct Bank Transfer here:

DONORBOX: Eyes on the horizon 

Contribute to our "Eyes On The Horizon" Donorbox campaign to fund various drones, drone jammers, and advanced optics. These technologies are crucial for soldiers, enabling night vision, long-distance reconnaissance, and protection against hostile drones.


By supporting this initiative, you're providing life-saving tools that play a pivotal role in surveillance, defense, and the recovery of territories by Ukrainian forces.


Thank you for your commitment to our defenders!

DONORBOX: General Donations 

Support our mission by contributing to our "General Donations" Donorbox, which is dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of frontline soldiers. Your donation enables us to supply safety equipment, including plate carriers, ballistic plates, helmets,

gas masks, radios, Eco-flows, and much more, directly responding to the requests of those on the front lines.

Additionally, we provide critical medical supplies such as Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) and tourniquets to units in need. Your contribution has the power to save lives, offering vital support to wounded soldiers until they can be safely evacuated.


Thank you for standing with our defenders!


Your donations through PayPal directly contribute to acquiring essential equipment to the frontline soldiers such as:

- Various types of drones, drone jammer systems., optics and signal booster antennas for drones.
- Tactical and safety equipment, including plate carriers, ballistic plates, helmets, and gas masks.
- Generators, radios, Eco-flows, power banks.
- Medical supplies like First Aid Kits (IFAKs) and tourniquets.

And much more equipment that provide our soldiers with the resources to carry out their duties effectively and safely.

Thank you for supporting our defenders!

Donations directly to 1Team1Fight Ukraine: Wayforpay 

Support 1Team1Fight Ukraine directly via WAYFORPAY or Direct bank transfer.  Your contributions will go towards crucial safety equipment, tactical gear, generators, power banks, a variety of drones and drone jammers, optics, car repairs for units, and other immediate equipment needs and assistance requests.


A portion of your donation will also help cover our ground team's operational and logistical costs. This includes expenses like fuel, vehicle maintenance and repairs, administrative record-keeping, and legal support services. 

*Please verify that your credit card is authorized for transactions in Ukraine before making a donation.

DONORBOX: Warriors of the sky 

Warriors of the Sky - iPads 

A campaign for UA Army Aviation 


1Team1Fight received an urgent request to provide the UA Army Aviation with a crucial tool for their training and combat tasks - mini iPads. 


This request was for at least 50 mini iPads which are compatible with the special software used by the UA Aviation Army. 

Throughout this full-scale invasion, armies all over the world have witnessed the adaptation and innovation of the entire Ukrainian Armed Forces on a level never seen before. 

Direct bank transfer to 1Team1Fight Ukraine 
ukraine flag.png

To send USD, EUR, UAH or GBP you can use a direct transfer to our bank. 


Name*: One Team One Fight Foundation




IBAN: UA203348510000000026001202845




Country, City: Ukraine, Kyiv


Address: Vul. Andriyivska, 4, Kyiv, 04070

*please put the whole foundation name in the name field when making a bank transfer, other names (like 1Team1Fight or One Team One Fight) won't be accepted by our bank. Thank You!

Direct bank transfer to 1Team1Fight USA
usa flag.png

1Team1Fight USA Corporation
Wells Fargo, N.A.
420 Montgomery Street 
San Francisco, California 94104
Account Number: 2918321353
Routing Numbers:
Domestic Wire (USA to USA): ABA/RTN 121000248
International Wire (Not in USA to USA): SWIFT/BIC WFBIUS6S


Bank wire to 1Team1Fight USA:

To complete a bank wire to 1Team1Fight USA contact us through info[at] and

we will provide you with the additional information needed.

See our current Fundraisers here:

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