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Our Story

Harri, hailing from Estonia, embarked on a mission to Ukraine with a trailer full of ballistic plates shortly after the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion in 2022, choosing to enter the country as many were fleeing.


In April 2022, Harri's journey took a pivotal turn when he met Dima, a local taxi driver, during a ride. Dima, having lost his business twice to Russian bombings - first in Donbas in 2014 and then in Irpin in 2022 - shared his commitment to supporting his brothers on the front lines. 

This encounter sparked a partnership, leading Harri and Dima to deliver life-saving equipment to the front lines together. By April 2023, their efforts culminated in co-founding 1Team1Fight, earning multiple awards and endorsements from various military units for their contributions.


Simultaneously, in April 2022, Aaron, a former US Marine, joined the International Legion, while Dmytro began aiding foreign media in covering the invasion's impact. Aaron crossed paths with Harri in the early summer of 2022, benefiting from the crucial aid delivered by Harri and Dima.

In September 2023, their collective efforts expanded through a partnership with the 1Team1Fight USA Corporation, which gained official recognition as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on November 17, 2023.


Aaron officially joined the 1Team1Fight ground team in October 2023, bringing firsthand insight into the organization's impact. Following his recovery from the Kramatorsk restaurant missile attack, Dmytro joined the team in early November 2023, further strengthening their mission.

“This war started in Donbas, it will end in Donbas. It won’t end in Crimea.

It will end where it started” - Dima

Co-founder and Director


“This war is hard. Hearing the words from the commanders and

the soldiers is even harder” -Harri



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